Mercedes Cameron and Bert Nieslanik appreciate your interest in Ladder Canyon Ranch. When we bought the ranch, with the help of Merce's parents, Reid and Helen Cameron, we had no idea what we were getting into. Some areas of the property had been over grazed and the sagebrush had taken over. Turbulent spring run off water caused gullies 20 feet deep. There were invasive noxious weeds and an over abundance of grasses that were not native. We began by treating the property like it was a 1700 acre garden, focusing on all the wrong things. With the help of Robbie LeVally, Tri River Extention, her visits and pasture management courses and NRCS, Colorado Division of Wildlife, and our beloved Mesa Land Trust, we have grown as easement holders and conservationists. We have learned to ask for help, have work parties, weddings, memorials, share the wonders and wildlife and have a lot of fun.

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