It will change your practice. It could change your life.

Traditional legal education focuses on the accumulation of knowledge, not the acquisition of skills. Lawyers learn about cases, but little about the practical skills needed to deal with judges, other lawyers, clients, bosses and everyone else we deal with on a daily basis. Thus the miscommunication, self-defeating behaviors, ineffective leadership and unnecessary conflict we experience ourselves and with those around us.


Courtroom Courage is evidence-based learning at its best. This multi-day seminar is designed to provide abundant opportunities to learn and practice skills and build self-confidence - - the winning ingredient in the courtroom. We don't do long lectures in a big conference room with lots of caffeine and sugar to keep you awake. You learn by doing. Imagine having fun doing jury selection. You will learn self-presentation tools, communication skills, performance enhancement, the art of persuasion, leadership skills and conflict resolution. During this experience, you will operate heavy equipment (backhoes, skid steers, road graders), four-wheelers and power tools, AND you get to do it eating great food in a beautiful private ranch in the Western Colorado outdoors.


What stress does physiologically to our bodies. Stress is like cholesterol or blood pressure. You need some, but too much will kill you. Courtroom Courage has a unique program to help participants understand and harness stress.

How to use language, performance and voice to be more persuasive and to avoid unintended conflict.

How you present yourself. You can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You will work with actor and communication specialists on presentation techniques, voice and performance. You want the jury, the judge, your client, and other lawyers to see your confidence, intelligence, honesty……and of course, your point of view.

You will learn fun and effective ways to pick jurors. For many, jury selection is the most dreaded part of trial work. How do you uncover the juror who is never going to see your point of view? How do you persuade jurors?


IT'S BIG! IT'S POWERFUL! AND IT CAN BE INTIMIDATING - JUST LIKE SOME COURT EXPERIENCES. Because most of us aren't very familiar with heavy equipment, it puts a little pressure on us to "perform well", just as our jobs put pressure on us to perform well. But at Courtroom Courage, no one's job or future is at stake. You get a chance to practice the tools we teach while doing something that's neither a threat to your job, your colleagues, or your clients AND IT'S SO MUCH FUN.


2012 Courtroom Courage Presenters:

Bert Nieslanik: longtime criminal defense lawyer; Jonathan Olom Award winner and nationally-recognized trial advocacy instructor. Bert has taught lawyers how to be better lawyers in many states in the union. Bert found her undying courage at 13 and never looked back.

Glynn Bedington (a founding mother of Courtroom Courage): Glynn passed away this summer of cancer. Her vision and wisdom will continue to be a part of every Courtroom Courage. She was an award-winning actor, courtroom behaviorist, and author of Trials and Tribulations and What Every Witness Needs to Know Before Facing a Jury and Who Do You Want to Be? For ten years Ms. Bedington was Artistic Director for Ensemble Arts Theatre in San Diego.

Dr. Mercedes Cameron: Family Practitioner, with special interests in rural medicine, emergency medicine, stress management, and disaster medicine - including post quake Haiti. Although Merce has traveled around the world, she enjoys climbing on a backhoe and ranching for wildlife here in Colorado best!

Sara Sharpe: Sara Sharpe is an award-winning actor and coach from Nashville, TN. She is the sole proprietor of SHARPE Communication, offering communication and presentation skills to women with the express purpose of encouraging women to strengthen their voices, speak truth to power, and to tell the stories that inspire them to take action on behalf of their own lives or someone else's.

Lindy Frolich: Director of the Alternate Defense Counsel for the state of Colorado. In over 20 years of practicing exclusively criminal, juvenile and appellate law, Ms. Frolich has gained a reputation as an aggressive litigator, accomplished appellate lawyer and experienced trainer. One of Lindy's strengths is technology - Ms. Gadget!

Adele Cummings: has a PhD from Duke University and has been a professor of sociology for fifteen years. Her interests include adult education and pedagogy, the intersection of criminal justice and human services, and evidence-based practices in the public sector.

Meg Gaines: Founder of the Center for Patient Partnerships. She came to this work through her own cancer experience. After clerking, Meg did a tour of duty at the Public Defender Office in Wisconsin and then began teaching at the UW Law School. Her successful and busy life was interrupted by cancer and self discovery. Meg is a powerful advocate for “self” – knowledge, truth and courage.

Joan Aneloski: Joanie holds Master's degrees in Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology. Over the past 30 years, in her work with individuals with deafness or autism, she has incorporated teaching non-verbal communication strategies as well as understanding of neurological, cultural, and gender-based aspects of social interactions. She is a Master Gardener and has taught wine tasting.

Next Courtroom Courage Dates - September 12 - 15, 2013
Registration Opens - February 2013

This seminar will not only improve your practice, it will change your life forever! Women only. Space limited to 21 participants. Conference begins @ 6:00 p.m. 9/12 and ends 12:00 p.m. 9/15, Registration fee: $2,000 (some scholarships available), includes meals and travel to and from Ranch. Lodging on site at beautiful remote Ladder Canyon Ranch. Accommodations are rustic, and designed to enhance your experience at Courtroom Courage. CLE pending Registration begins 2/15/2012.

Register or get additional information at or 970-261-4244.

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